started up as an Stone Art,Sculpture and metal inlay work company 2013

Dessin Le Arte started up as an Stone Art, Sculpture and metal inlay work company and we have expanded ourselves into cnc mesh work,home decoratives and office related products.We have been cultivating the dreams of our esteemed customers through our designs and reaping them in the results of our products and work. We are a passionate bunch with love towards creativity and aesthetics – creative work makes us gaiety.


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What we do

Stone Art & Design

Stone is an ideal form for feature wall cladding for keeping out the elements. Depending on the stone in most cases the cladding will not need any maintenance. True stone cladding has the benefits of style and natures timeless strength,as well as your wall highlights

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Home Decor & accessories

Accessories give an instant makeover. Anything changeable easily is an accessory. Accessories add charm warmth and speak the story of the home owner. It gives your own energy to the home and also gives visitor an insight to the real view. Accessories add your own touch to the otherwise blank home.

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Our custom furniture designs & Accessories would encourage you to refurnish your house according to your style and taste. Our furniture & Accessories are tailor made according to the style and requirement of your home. Share your ideas with us and let our design experts do all the magic for you.

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Since opening in 2013, the dessin le arte has welcomed thousands of clients showcasing our work. We have renowned collections of modern and contemporary art. Sculpture is the art of representing, abstracting and conceptualising objective elements using any three-dimensional material .

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Inlay- Marble & Metal

In India marble inlay work roots can be found in the Mughal Empire architecture. Taj Mahal looks spectacular for this sole reason and many more such architecture of that era. To achieve such kind of excellence delicate process of working is needed. Very few are experts in this signature field.

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Semi-Precious Stones

Our product assortment is inclusive of Gemstone Slabs, Semi Precious Slabs, Amethyst Slabs, Agate Slabs, Agate Stone Slabs, Petrified Wood Slabs, Tiger Eye Slabs, and various other types of slabs. Owing to our capability to maintain optimum quality during the production, we are reckoned amidst the prominent malachite slabs manufacturers in India

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Stone Carving

Started up as an Stone Art,Sculpture and metal inlay work company

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