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10 Least Favourite Stone Sculpture Artist | India, 2021

To blend your traditional style with the creative one, stone sculptures are on the verge of trend, there is a growing awareness about the mastery of stone sculptures.

Since very ancient times, stone sculptures are adding beauty to adorn places in India. Here are a few stone sculpture artist in India that you need to know about:-

Ramkinkar Baij 

Among the most famous and favorite stone sculpture artists, Ramkinkar Baij is known as the father of modern Indian sculpture. He was a versatile and prolific stone sculpture artist in classical form.

Dessin Le Arte

Stone sculpture is an art that is alluring and eye-soothing, Dessin Le Art has one of the best stone sculpture artists that cater to the needs of both architectural as well as interior designing.

Dhanraj Bhagat

Dhanraj Bhagat work’s in the field of stone sculpture is tremendous as he created and blended traditional and western sculptures to carve out his own style.

Deviprasad Chaudhary

One of the best names that appear in the list is Deviprasad Chaudhary whose stone sculptures depict the struggle of the common man and thus earned fame in the field of stone sculptures.

Sancho Chaudhari

Sancho Chaudhari is a renowned name in the field of stone sculptures that feature abstract figures with his carving skills.


One of the best stone sculptors is Somenath who depicts communist and social ideals with his creativity in the field of stone sculpture. His famous work carves out with stone is mother and child that is best known for his creativity.


Dhruv Mistry is renowned for his traditional techniques. In the field of stone sculpture, he is best known for his works.

Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor is famous for his stone-carved sculptures and got a turner prize for his contribution. His sculptures are simple but create brilliant hues in his form.

Satish Gujral

Satish Gujral is one of the best stone sculpture artists in India, known for his prolific and versatile work in his field. He also received Padma Vibhushan for his renowned work in the area.

Tapan Talukdar

Tapan Talukdar is a famous stone sculpture artist and is renowned for his new generation work and contemporary art.

Thus if you are the one seeking the best stone sculpture artist in India, you need to stay aware of the top favorite stone sculpture artists in order to get the best deals at your junction.