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We create Innovative design. exceptional designing for exceptional Spaces

Dessin Le Arte started up as an Stone Art,Sculpture and metal inlay work company and we have expanded ourselves into cnc mesh work,home decoratives and office related products.We have been cultivating the dreams of our esteemed customers through our designs and reaping them in the results of our products and work. We are a passionate bunch with love towards creativity and aesthetics – creative work makes us gaiety. We truly believe in delivering an exceptional experience to our clients and partners through our work in crafting life into stone with inlay designs,mesh designs , sculpture and decorative’s for every purposes. Our moto is to empower our products with trans-formative power of creative design to elevate sublime experiences and inspire everyone visually. A collaborative relationship is a perfect mixture of aesthetic designs and relationships. We owe a huge thanks to everyone who joined us in our journey and are excited to start a new dialogue and learn more about you and make something unique and creative together. We have rich experience using natural stone products in new home construction and renovations.This means that our customers benefit from high quality materials, technology and craftsmanship.Stone carving is a wonderful, creative process that is open for the imagination.