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Radha Krishna marble statues to worship at Home

Hinduism, a religion with more than 330 million God and Goddess. the deities are worshiped in many forms. But the main form is the worshipped through the worship of sculptures and statues (murti). This is leading to the increase in demand of the deity murti , as more and more people want to buy the statues of the deity, they have faith on and want to worship them. These muties are mainly made of mud, clay and stones. But the most preferred material is the that of the stones, that too of the rare stone- marble.

Marble, stone, not only increases the sanctity of the place where it is kept, but also adds on to the purity of that environment. Nowadays, many people due to the hassle of day to day life, do not get sufficient time to go to vow their head in the temple. Though people of every age group love to visit the temple to get the blessing and positivity of the temple, yet because of their busy life cannot afford to do so. Thus, people prefer to make a small temple in their home where they can keep the murtis of the deity they want to worship and worship they regularly.

One of the most selled murti is that of the Radha Krishna marble murti, people who worship the lord Krishna with his beloved Radha, by these murtis. In the present generation a lot of people worship them and therefore pay a huge amount to their statues for their home or the temple where they want to keep in. the manufacturers are having a very favourable time manufacturing Radha Krishna murti made of marble as there are lot of customers who want to buy this sculpture. The demand of this statue of Lord Krishna is so much in demand that people always want this variety of his sculpture when they come to buy the murti.

The demand for the marble murti is more because it is environment friendly and cause less pollution to the environment. The other popularly sold murtis are made of mud, clay etc when washed, it gets dissolved and pollutes the water, making it very unfit. Stones such as marble can never cause any harmful effect to the environment and always add serenity to the palce where the murti is kept and worshipped.

The stone murtis not only add to the serenity and purity at the place of worship, but also create a positive environment at that place. It is because of this reason that people get a feel of holiness and purity in the temples. Similarly, when these temples are at home, the atmosphere changes with all positivity and serenity inside the home.

The market for such Radha Krishna marble statues is huge and there are numerous designers and companies that deliver it to the demanding clients. Due to this demand of the customers and gain a good profit, these manufacturers are now compromising on the quality of the products so as to sell the product, thus, creating a situation where injustice is done with the emotion as well as the amount, they pay for the product they have purchased. So, the questions that arise are- ‘Which one is the most trustworthy? Does the company delivering the statues have enough credibility and reliability, and whether the result is going to be optimum or not?’ The answer for such questions lies with the companies itself. The customers need to approach these companies and figure out whether quality of the products is up to the mark. Because everyone should get worthy of what they paid for and it’s their right and they deserve it demand and question for. Further the quality of marble also matters a lot as it is a rare stone. They need to have decent quality marble in use with a polished work done to it, by their certified workers working in the company.

The work done on any marble deity statues should be exquisite. It should be a unique and elegant piece of work that has distinguishable features. All these criteria are needed to be worked out before an individual buy a marble statue as in front of this statues, where people will vow their head to worship and receive the blessing of the God and Goddess among the 330 million deities.