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We offer India’s accurate and precise Marble cutting services. Our marble fabrication services are tailored and made-to-order to client’s unique requirements. We never find the middle ground on our assurance of superiority, commitment, and sturdiness. Depending on the end use, we offer all kinds of cutting covering – Plasma Cutting, Laser Cutting and Waterjet Cutting. We have specialized Waterjet cut Granite Stone services which are used for cutting, shaping, carving any kind of marbles. We use the waterjet cutter which is environmentally friendly since it uses less of water and produces less dust.

We are recognized as the best CNC marble cutting services in India due to the following advantages:

  • We hardly waste any material.

  • We hardly make any mistake while cutting.

  • We ensure no rework.

  • We ensure precise and accurate cutting of edge.

  • We ensure desired thickness.

  • We ensure the stones maintain their original strength and thickness post cutting.

  • We ensure the original colour and appearance of the marble are intact.

  • We offer cost effective options within the budget of a client.


Our water jet cutting services are used for wide range of applications covering – Architectural Inlays, Custom Instrument, Signs & Logos, Table tops, Kitchen tops, Wall & floor fittings and so on. We are very few in the industry who work directly with public customers. Our services are extended to commercial projects, builders, exporters and manufacturers of design stones for house fittings. We have the capability to even source the right marble for you. Customers can give us their requirement and we get the marble at competitive price and do the marble cutting services as per the project need.


Our experience, combined with our techniques will ensure marbles are cut to offer unbeatable value. This saves cost and time for construction companies. Our machines besides marbles can also cut materials include ceramic tile, granite, limestone, metals, concrete bricks, stones and glass. If you would like to know more on the marble cutting services, contact us immediately.


Further, using our waterjet cutter, customers can explore any complicated designs. We can create any pattern of any shape and thickness. Share with us your ideas. Our Marble cutting services can help make them real.