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In India, nowadays a massive increase in pollution is being reported.

Hence, we all know the importance of pollution free environment. In a country like India, temporary solutions will not come in handy unless we have a permanent solution to it. Permanent solution always takes us to nature. Nothing can replace plants. Hence, it leads us to nature basically including plants.

Generally, planting trees around the house requires a lot of space /area. Thus it is advisable to plant it in the balconies or open area in the house. For this, we need to have flowers pots in our houses.

Now,  the main question arises that there are numerous types of planters or pots available in the market, that it becomes difficult to choose. Talking about the current scenario and trend. It is advisable to use something fancy and durable. Talking about clay pots they are not durable. So now we need to look into another option. Plastic pots are not fancy at all. Keeping the needs of people in mind, it is recommended to use marble pots.

They look luxurious and increases the beauty of the plant you are sowing in it.