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In this very hassle of life, people are progressing in every aspect and are shifting to new home and designing it as per there dream home.

Stone carving and sculpting is a specialty of Dessin Le Art. Our intricately designed and carved stone sculptures are used for both architectural as well as interior designing purposes. Traditional or contemporary, based on the demands of the customer, our stone sculpture artists craft the best stone art one will see in today’s times.

There are many reasons which make us the number one choice for stone sculpture artist in India:

  • Our deep knowledge of this art form, combined with an intrinsic understanding of the same makes us the best at our job.
  • We have a team of highly experienced stone artists. All our designs are aesthetically rich and unique in their design and styling.
  • We work with a wide variety of stones and know how to add a natural value to them through our craftsmanship.

We have clients both in India as well as internationally. Our stone sculptures are on display at numerous hotels and other public spaces for people to see and appreciate.


Give your home or office that timeless feel with our reasonably priced stone sculptures.


During this migration, people definitely decorate the interior but at times forget to decorate the exterior.

When people take the decision of renovating or customizing their sweet home, the visit to many manufacturers, for buying the décor, where they buy stuffs which help them to make their home a blissful place to live in. The garden which is at times left undecorated, also can be decorated by using several décor sculpture and statues. These garden sculpture cannot be made by all materials and neither can be made by manufacturers. If not made properly, the quality is deteriorating.

With the increase in demand, the manufacturers are dealing with a massive opposition, leading them of carry out various activities which no longer make them compromise at the fine of the product or degrade the durability. It is very critical for all the customers to check and affirm the exceptional of the product once they buy those merchandise. They  have to always buy those merchandise from the reputed and thrust worth producers in order that they do no longer get a hazard to regret or complain.