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This Is How Marble Inlay Work In Delhi Will Look Like In 10 Years

The beauty of the Taj Mahal is unparalleled across the world. One of the biggest factors contributing to the beauty of this heritage structure is its intricate and detailed marble inlay work. The design and precision with which this work has been done remain unmatched. However, in the current times, the quality and design of marble inlay work in Delhi have undergone a huge change.

Based on the study of the current market situations and current demands, the future of marble inlay work in Delhi in the next 10 years would be as follows:

– Due to the high cost of this art form, the demand for marble inlay work in Delhi on huge structures would go down considerably. The majority of demand for the same would come in the form of small marble boxes, tabletops, wall plaques, and other small marble decorative items.

– The demand for contemporary marble inlay work and designs will gain a lot of popularity. Contemporary marble inlay work uses much more simplistic and scattered designs and representations. This helps in bringing down the cost considerably.

–  Exclusive pieces with traditional marble inlay artwork like Parchinkari, etc., would still be made and available for sale. However, they would be exclusive pieces, sold at very high prices. Only extremely affluent people would be able to afford the same.

– The markets are already flooded with lookalikes and fake marbles and stones used for inlay work. These fakes can easily fool people with no knowledge of real marble inlay work. Hence, it is expected that the market for these fakes will also grow in the future. Therefore, people looking for high-quality, genuine stuff, will have to ensure that they get their marble inlay work done only from reliable and top companies only.

Many new and innovative tools are available that have made this art form easier to execute. However, there is still no compensation for real craftsmanship and there will be none in the future too.